Accomplished / Intended Programmes

Aapyam Ayurveda Foundation (R) is a pioneering organization of dedicated young minds enduring the task of engendering the authentic principles of Ayurveda for societal welfare. Since, inception on 13th September 2013, it is in vision of gratifying varied facets of Ayurveda to factions of all ages with utmost conscientiousness.

  • Aapyam Ayurveda - Ayurveda awareness programme for general public.
  • Aapyam Prabodhana - National level Motivational Symposiums for budding Ayurveda Physicians.
  • Aapyam Samvada - A platform to communicate the issues and challenges concerned with Ayurveda fraternity with policy makers.
  • Aapyam Maanini - Sensitization programmes specially designed for women.
  • Aapyam Mitra - Resolving problems pertaining to teenagers.