Executive Directors
>Dr. Sriharsha K.V

Dr. Sriharsha K.V

Dr. Hemachandra Shetty

Dr Nikhila Hiremath

Dr. Niranjan Hegde

Dr. Niranjan Hegde

Dr Niranjan Hegde

BAMS,MD (Ayu),M Sc (Applied Psychology),(Ph.D), Manasa Roga
Post-Graduation in Manasa Roga
Good experience in beauty care through Ayurveda.
5 years of Clinical experience as a Panchakarma Specialist
Swastha shodhana (Detoxification)
Preventive aspect of health problems including communicable (infective) & non-communicable diseases.
Medical practice (Classical Ayurveda) – (2009-till date).
Professional Teaching of – Kaya chikitsa – (2012-till date).
Educational Psychology
Personality Dovelopement Trainer
Given talks to general public about health consciousness, disease prevention, general hygiene, home remedies etc.
Invited for a T.V. show regarding the Diabetes, Beauty care and Importance of yoga.
Presently working on Designing and Validation of Satva Assessment Scale under PhD programme.  

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